In the News

Negma's conference and events were covered by different media channels and newspapers over the last couple of years. Here are some of the selected articles and TV programs which featured Negma activities.

In Printed Newspapers and Magazines

AlAhram Article:

علماء مصريون ينظمون مؤتمرا 
فى بوسطن لتطوير مصر

published 18 November 2011

AlWafd Article:

مؤتمر "نجمة " للأفكار المبتكرة
 من أجل مستقبل مصر

published 21 March 2012


AlMasry elYoum Article:

مؤتمر مصري-أمريكي
لدعم المشروعات الاقتصادية في مصر

published on 22 March 2012

AlWafd Article:

الوفد - اختتام أعمال مؤتمر نجمة
للأفكار المبتكرة من أجل مستقبل مصر

published 29 March 2012

Middle East News Agency/ Youm 7:
نجمةمصر مبادرة من أبناء مصر
في أمريكا لتلبية احتياجات الوطن

published: 7 December 2012

The Boston Globe:
Egyptian comic Bassem Youssef
uses laughs, education

published: 08 July 2012

Middle East News Agency/ ElMashhad:
"نجمة - مصر" مبادرة من أبناء مصر في أمريكا
لتلبية احتياجات المجتمع المصري

published: 7 December 2012




In Egyptian TV and Radio Programs

Negma Co-founder Dr. Hesham Hamouda in an interview on Nile Cultural [In Arabic]

Interview aired: 20 April 2012

Negma Co-founder Dr. Lamia Youseff in an interview on NileTV [In English]

Interview aired: 14 September 2012

Negma Co-founder Dr. Ahmed Samir Mady in an interview on NileTV [In English]

Interview aired: 30 November 2012

Negma conference'13 Program & Speakers Coordinator Dr. Yasmin Abbas on Nile TV [In English]

Interview aired: 5 January 2013

Negma Co-founder Dr. Ahmed Samir Mady in a radio interview on NileFM

Interview aired: 28 November 2012



Other Online Media 

Wamda's Article

published: 19 March 2012

Muftah's Article

NEGMA CONFERENCE: Moving Ideas to Action for a Brighter Egypt
published: 8 March 2012

CAC Cambridge Center

published: 27 February 2012

Muftah's Article

Grassroots Mobilization, Social Entrepreneurship, & the Future of Egypt
published: 30 March 2012