What is NEGMA?

NEGMA stands for Networking, Entrepreneurship, Growth, Mobilization and Action. It is an organization that is providing the resources and support to launch sustainable development projects and social enterprises for a New Egypt that is built on innovation, competition and the brightest talent. NEGMA is currently being incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States to support its work.

Who is NEGMA?

NEGMA was started by a group of seven Egyptian professionals from Harvard and MIT who got together after the first weeks of the revolution to discuss what could be done to take action for a New Egypt.

Why is NEGMA different?

NEGMA founders realize that we are not the only ones operating in this space. We are actively working to build on the cooperative spirit of the revolution, in which all Egyptians joined hands and resources to realize a larger goal for their country. NEGMA is partnering with organizations ‘upstream’ on ideas development as well as ‘downstream’ on incubation for sustainability. We consider NEGMA to be ‘middle stream’, capturing the best ideas and giving them a platform to launch. We are currently collaborating with the Arab Development Initiative, the Google Ebda2 Initiative, Ashoka, Flat6 Labs, Nahdet El-Mahrousa, the Cairo Angels and other active organizations committed to our vision in the U.S. and Egypt to meet our goals. Click here to learn more about our partners.

How will NEGMA do this?

NEGMA will hold an annual conference to bring together finalists from an application process to capture the best ideas for sustainable development and social entrepreneurship in Egypt. The conference will be multi-faceted: working groups will enable finalists to receive fresh professional feedback on their ideas, seminars will sharpen critical skills needed to succeed as a start-up, and the ‘Impact Egypt! Competition’ will provide an opportunity for finalists to pitch their ideas before a panel of judges. Awards will be given to the top finalists.

When and Where will the NEGMA Conferences be held?

The 1st Annual NEGMA Conference was held at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA on March 24-25, 2012. The 2nd Annual NEGMA Conference will be held in April 2013 in Boston/Cambridge, exact location TBA.

How can I support NEGMA?

To sponsor winners from NEGMA's 1st Impact Egypt! Competition, donate directly through the website or by sending a check made out to 'NEGMA, Inc' to the following address: 25 Thatcher St, #5, Brookline, MA 02446. If you are interested in helping to organize the 2nd Annual NEGMA Conference, click here to fill out our short application today!