The Gala

Please join us for an authentic Egyptian night of music and delicious dinner. We are very excited to offer you a three diferent entertainment, to enjoy the night with your friends and acquaintances . The Gala will be held on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at the MIT Media Lab, from 7pm - 10pm.

 Ahmed El Haggar

Born into a family of musicians, Ahmad knew since he was a kid that music was right path for him. His grandfather, one of the country’s greatest vocal teachers, taught him everything there is to know about singing techniques. His father, Ali El Haggar, one of Egypt’s most popular Egyptian singers who took the country by storm in the 80s and 90s, taught him a lot about the business. He also guided Ahmad through the different genres of music, both Egyptian and Western. At the age of 7, Ahmad joined the children’s choir at the Cairo Opera House and had the rare opportunity of singing at the magnificent main hall of the Opera House at the age of 8! In 2010, Ahmad Graduated from the Higher Institute of Arabic music.
Haggar & The Band caters to those who appreciate creativity and good music. Their music is a fine fusion between Rock, Classical, and Egyptian sounds. They are not your typical Egyptian band. Expect nothing but to be impressed by their talent and differentiated sound!
So think creativity (lots of it), think out of the box, imagine the product of a very talented family of musicians, image what a mix of Rock, Classical, and Oriental would sound, and add to it inspiration from legends such as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, Sayed Darweesh, Ali El Haggar, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Sting. You get the picture. But you need to feel the sound.
To learn more about Ahmed El-Haggar, check out his biography on  

 Ana Masry Foundation

The Ana Masry Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization registered in the United States, co-founded by a group of Egyptians and Egyptian-Americans in 2011. It aims to advance and promote the values of tolerance, and celebrate diversity, citizenship and national unity in Egypt. The foundation supports and implements programs in Egypt and the United States. With support and funding from the Egyptian-American community and other Egyptian sources of funding, the foundation plans to fund and implement activities and projects under three broad programming areas namely; (1) Developing & Producing Cultural and Artistic Materials, (2) Providing training and producing educational tools for key Egyptian sectors and; (3) Organizing awareness-building, dialogues and outreach.

To learn more about Ana Masry Foundation, go to their Facebook Page

 Tarab Chorus

The Tarab Chorus was founded in 1997 to revive and preserve Classical Arabic music. Tarab seeks to provide a cross-cultural bridge between East and West through music and singing. ‬The group's primary focus is on Al-Mouwashah, Al-Dawr, and Al-Taqtouqa. The time periods covered by the group span from the 10th century through the early 20th century.
To learn more about Tarab Chorus, check them out here.

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MIT Egyptian Student Association

The Egyptian Student Association (ESA) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) represents Egyptian students and researchers affiliated with MIT. The mission of ESA is threefold: to represent the Egyptian culture on the MIT campus and the greater Boston area, to create a social community for Egyptians at MIT and Boston and to support the development of the Egyptian economy, technological industry, civil society, scientific research and entrepreneurial spirit in Egypt.