NEGMA's Impact Egypt! Competition

For the second year, NEGMA launched a call for proposals from all friends of Egypt with an innovative idea for social and economic development in Egypt. The call was open to individuals and organizations pursuing new ideas across all sectors. An external review process was set up with professionals in the various sectors to give feedback on the project proposals. Of the 58 applications that were submitted this year (compared to 37 from last year), NEGMA invites the top 10 finalists to present their ideas to the audience at the 2ndannual NEGMA Conference to compete for the three top spots. These 3 finalists will go on an incubation trip to further network and receive more in-depth feedback through working groups based around their specific proposals. In this way, we look forward to the NEGMA Conference being a practical, roll-your-sleeves up event, in addition to a venue for learning new skills through workshops and engaging in crucial discussions with the larger community about how to strategically invest in Egypt at this momentous time in the country's long history.