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We only rely on donations from individuals to support our finalists and speakers. Our goal is to raise $20K to cover the 3rd Inspire Egypt! Competition and launch a 3rd cycle to attract innovative projects for a brighter Egypt.

Please help us reach our goal by giving what you can - every dollar makes a huge difference.

Please note that hundreds of hours of professional time have been donated to NEGMA to support our innovators. Therefore, 100% of your donation will go toward:

(1) Logistical support for workshops, seminars and legal assistance to our Inspire Egypt! Competition winners;

(2) Technical assistance to build an IT infrastructure to support the winners through mentorship, peer-to-peer interaction, and access to investors as their projects grow and scale. 
(3) Negma's Annual Conference.

Egypt Negma is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, That means that all donations are tax-deductable.

Egypt NEGMA is also eligible for Employer Donation Matching Programs, please specify your company so that we can follow up with it.

Together, if each of us gives a little, we can make a huge difference. 


Please provide the company you work for to see if it qualifies for Employer Donation Matching programs, which means that your donations can be more impactful to help EgyptNegma! If your company is not on the list, please choose "other" and type in.
NEGMA Inc. is a charitable 503c organization (EIN: 45-3173333), which means that your donations are tax deductible. However, most personal donors' annual donations never exceed their standard exemption levels on their tax returns (and thus, IRS does not require a receipt). If you need a receipt from EgyptNegma to provide to the IRS, please let us know. We will happily provide you one.
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