Vision & Mission


NEGMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established after the January 25th Uprising, when a group of seven Egyptian-American and Egyptian professionals from the Harvard and MIT community got together and asked the simple question: What can we do to move ideas to action on the ground, for a brighter future for Egypt? As we thought about the social and economic needs on the ground in Egypt, we realized the need for an organization that supports innovation in order to help spur job creation and create a social impact. The founders did not want to focus exclusively on any one particular sector or industry, but rather to promote innovative and entrepreneurial projects that respond to broad social and economic needs in Egypt. The NEGMA Conference, and later NEGMA, Inc., became an outgrowth of this initiative.


NEGMA seeks to identify social innovators and entrepreneurs who are working to solve some of Egypt's most significant challenges.  To support this vision, the NEGMA Conference has been established to help translate ideas into action for a brighter future for Egypt. The NEGMA Conference will be an annual conference designed to bring together individuals who are making an impact in social and economic development for the purposes of Networking, Entrepreneurship, Growth, Mobilization, and Action. In 2011, NEGMA, Inc. was incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of Massachusetts to support this vision.


The NEGMA Conference seeks to accomplish the following goals over 2 days:

(1) Provide an opportunity for 10 NEGMA project finalists from a range of sectors to gain professional feedback on their proposals through hands-on working groups;
(2) Provide opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and funders to move ideas to action;
(3) Build partnerships between Egyptian and diaspora organizations interested in creating impact through sustainable development in Egypt;
(4) Provide awards for best project proposals which will be presented at the conference in the 'Impact Egypt! Competition';
(5) Improve skills sets through capacity-building workshops.

The NEGMA conference seeks to be a fun and interactive platform that brings bright ideas for sustainable development and social entrepreneurship in Egypt to the fore, and helps launch them.

Longer Term

NEGMA was established to fill an important space in the emerging entrepreneurial landscape in Egypt.  By engaging members of the Egyptian diaspora with innovators and entrepreneurs, NEGMA seeks to create a permanent space for exchange between the diaspora community and Egyptian counterparts.  Further, by sponsoring an annual Conference in which 10 Finalists compete for resources to help launch into action, NEGMA seeks to create a community of innovators and entrepreneurs that will be part of the NEGMA Alumni Network.